Our story

About us

Stay Global is a student agency with 10 years of experience focused on students’ development, happiness and achievements. We work based on three pillars: education, fun experience, and employment. Stay Global represents more than 300 schools in Australia and our team is trained to show you the best options according to your goals, budget and expectations. Our market is Australia for international students, we are only operating in Australia and we have become specialized in this. We act as facilitators at every stage of the student process: choice of school, enrolment, visa application, job search, accommodation, guidance, events and all the support students need. That’s why Stay Global’s philosophy is “you can count on us”.

Our Numbers

  • 10 years of experience in the Australian market
  • Over 20,000 customers over the years
  • 99% of the applied visas were approved/ Granted
  • 3 units in Australia: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
  • Represents more than 300 schools
  • More than 50 workshops/events per year.

A bit about our story

Stay Global was born in 2009 when Danilo Avalone decided to venture into a business in Australia. The company is the result of an achievement to help international students who arrive in Australia and who, without any support, need to face the challenges of communicating and understanding the local culture. Danilo arrived in Australia in 2001 as a student, and here he experienced the difficulties of starting in a new location and the importance of having the support to enjoy an experience abroad. Since then, his focus was helping the Brazilians who have just arrived here. And that’s how Stay Global was born, with the “you can count on us” philosophy.

Since then, the company has grown, opened new offices, expanded the number of employees, and expanded its services to European and Latin American students as well. Today the company has 4 offices: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Chile, as well as partners in Brazil: Academia de Intercâmbio and Intercultural, Global Connection (Colombia) in Sydney. Our consultants are trained and able to help you in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Mission: inform, support, and guide students to have a complete experience in Australia.

Vision: To be the first option of a student agency when thinking about a 360o experience.

What is a full 360o experience? It is when you achieve your personal fulfilment by improving as a professional and developing as a person. From then on, you will be happy and enjoy your time. It is not only about studying, but also about happiness.

Our values ​​are empathy, honesty and happiness. We will always look at your needs and improvements, offering a personalised service tailored just for you.

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